Tradition, innovation 
and quality
Regás is a family-run company founded in 1821 originally located in Breda (Girona) a ceramic hub originated in the Middle age around the Benedictine monastery of San Salvador.

We have manufactured clay cookware for two centuries. We are passionate for what we do. In the last years we have focused our research in the design and fabrication of ceramic packaging because we strongly believe in the environment preservation. This passion and a hard work have made possible what we are now: a modern company that combines the best of the Mediterranean tradition in pottery with innovation and technology

We work seeking a constant improvement to offer our clients the perfect ceramic container.

I+D and
industrial production

The faithfulness of our clients throughout almost 200 years is our endorsement. At the present, we serve our clients worldwide from our production facility based 50 km north of Barcelona (Spain).

We transform natural raw materials in a sustainable product using the most innovative technologies.
We are ISO 9001:2015 certified.
and eco-friendly
From the oldest civilisations and all around the world, ceramics have been always present as part of the human evolution.
Clay is a sustainable raw material present in the nature. 

It is extracted directly from the soil and easily RECYCLABLE. It helps to reduce the impact of the progressive increase of waste of one use packaging. 

Ceramic packaging is REUSABLE. It is pretty, but also can be used for storing, serving and baking at home.

Food safety and 
quality standards

Regás transforms high quality clays into warm and pretty products with beautiful, original and practical designs.

We use only cadmium-free and lead free glazes suitable for food industry. Our ceramic containers comply with International food safety and quality standards.
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