Quality politics

The REGÁS GROUP is dedicated to the DESIGN, MANUFACTURE AND COMMERCIALIZATION OF CERAMIC PRODUCTS, committed to the environment and the preservation of people's health through technologically advanced products.

The REGÁS GROUP is committed to all interested parties, complying with all the requirements that affect us through regulations, legislation, specifications and agreed requirements. As well as acquiring the commitment to continuously improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System, as a driving element of continuous quality improvement. Providing the necessary human and material resources for it.

Therefore, the REGÁS GROUP establishes the Quality Management System, as a strategic element and reference framework to continuously improve its processes, creating and revising its quality objectives.

The management of GRUPO REGÁS is committed in heart and mind to what we do, aimed at enhancing collective work and talent. And that is why it is committed to complying with the policies, and document definition of its Quality Management System, asking for the participation of all its human team, and integrating the entire organization in its common commitment to continuous improvement.

Riells and Viabrea, September 28, 2017
Baltasar Planasdemunt
Manager Cerámicas SIR SA and Bachaledca S.L.U

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